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WyoSkate Women’s Drive

Anyone will tell you that when it comes to their children, they will do without in order to provide for them. For many people, there comes a time once a month when there are some things they cannot do without. We are holding a Women’s Drive in order to collect essential items that will help bring some dignity and relief to those already struggling to provide for their families.

WyoSkate will begin collecting sanitary products to provide to the Council of Community Services and Gillette Abuse Refuge Foundation. We are asking you to donate unopened boxes of pads, tampons, and other feminine hygiene products. A great time to do so would be when you are already shopping for those products yourself — buy an extra for a woman in need. (Please note! G.A.R.F. is also in need of larger sized child diapers, sizes 4 & 5. Anyone willing to donate those as well is a rock star!)

A donation container will be available in our lobby (around the corner from The Local, facing First Interstate Bank) 24 hours a day. During store hours, you can bring your donation inside to claim a free coupon as a thank-you for your help.

For those who want to donate in a different way, we have set up an Amazon Wishlist with the items needed. You can one-click purchase items and they will be delivered to our care drive. Our online list also includes alternate items for women who may be with infants or children.