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More than just a pretty face, the EVO talks the talk and skates the skate. Red-white-and-blue or Hologram, this boot is built with the strong Jackson fundamentals and quality that defines all of their product lines. The new boot sits on our Pilot Viper 2.0 plate, made with Zytel Nylon, and sports Atom’s signature 16-degree trucks. It’s responsive, strong and lightweight! Born to party outside, or boogie on the dance floor, EVO will get you where you need to go. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – Roll Your Way! Boot Features: Coated Micro-Fiber uppers Anti-bacterial Nylex lining. Leather board reinforcement for strength, feel, comfort and security. Memory foam ankle padding for comfort and feel Flex notch for greater ankle flex. A rolled collar that eliminates irritation to Achilles’ tendons Foam-backed vinyl and mesh comfort tongue Stylized traditional PVC soles

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Attribute[9, honey gold], Attribute[5, Red, White, and Blue Metallic], Attribute[7, Red, White, and Blue Metallic], Attribute[7, honey gold], Attribute[8, Red, White, and Blue Metallic], Attribute[8, honey gold], Attribute[10, honey gold], Attribute[6, Red, White, and Blue Metallic], Attribute[9, Red, White, and Blue Metallic]


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