Lenexa Viper




Viper roller skates are designed with durability for fun outdoor skating, and smooth roll for indoor skating too! Boys adjustable inline skates adjust between the following sizes:

– Small: Adjusts from Sizes 11J to 1
– Medium: Adjusts from Sizes 2 to 5
– Large: Adjusts from Sizes 5 to 8

Making sure your skates last as long as possible for ever growing children. No streak heal stops are perfectly positioned to make sure they are there when they need them.

To make sure they get the perfect fit there is lacing and Velcro strap on the boot and a buckle closure on the top of the ankle to make sure their ankles stay safe as they roller skate.

With such eye-catching colors of black and bright green, children love them, and with great durability of the skate, adults love these kids adjustable rollerblades too.


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