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Luminous roller skate wheels light up brightly as they roll. At 85A hardness, these wheels are perfect for lighting up the night while you skate under the stars. Your order includes 1 magnetic spacer per wheel, which when sandwiched between 2 bearings ight up the wheels. Bearings sold separately. We highly recommend using new locknuts when installing your Luminous wheels. Please note: these wheels are sold in packs of 4 or 8. You will need 8 wheels to complete a pair of roller skates.

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Attribute[Coral, Quad 62mm 85a], Attribute[Sunray, Quad 62mm 85a], Attribute[White, Inline 72mm], Attribute[White, Longboard 70x51mm], Attribute[White, Quad 62mm 85a], Attribute[Blue, Inline 72mm], Attribute[Blue, Quad 62mm 85a], Attribute[Green, Inline 72mm], Attribute[Green, Longboard 65x37mm], Attribute[Green, Quad 62mm 85a], Attribute[Pink, Inline 72mm], Attribute[Red, Inline 72mm], Attribute[Red, Quad 62mm 85a], Attribute[Black, Quad 62mm 85a]


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